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A stainless steel lunch box with bamboo lid so you can prep your food anywhere

Colour: Olive


A 900ml stainless steel lunch box that makes it easy to take your food with you and even includes a bamboo lid that doubles as a chopping board.
  • Anti-bacterial, natural bamboo lid
  • Silicone strap maintains the box shut
  • Plastic free
  • High quality stainless steel


    • BAM-SB003 (Orange), BAM-SB005 (Ocean),BAM-SB010 (Olive)
    • Stainless steel (304/18-8), silicone, anti-bacterial bamboo.
    • L 22cm  W 15cm  H 5.2cm
    • Weight: 390g


    Is the Sandwich Box dishwasher safe?

    No, neither the Sandwich Box nor the bamboo board are dishwasher safe.

    Is the Sandwich Box leak proof?

    No, but we have other lunch boxes that are, simply look for the leak proof icon on the product page. This one is intended for dry foods without sauce, or if carrying foods with sauce, should be kept upright to avoid leakage.

    How should the box and bamboo board be treated and cared for?

    Clean your box and bamboo board with hot soapy water, and to get rid of any lingering food smells, you can use a dilution of bleach and water (1 tablespoon of bleach per 4.5L of water). Do not leave the board soaking in water and make sure to dry it with a tea towel or kitchen roll after cleaning. To keep the bamboo board in a good condition, we recommend using a food safe mineral oil and applying it with a cotton cloth once a month (if you are using the board regularly). Make sure you wipe off any excess oil. This will ensure that it does not dry out and crack.

    What are the benefits of bamboo as a board material?

    Technically speaking, bamboo is a grass and not a wood. It is a sustainable resource due to the fact that it grows so quickly and can be harvested. It is a very dense wood and this means that it holds less moisture compared with other wooden boards. It also makes it less prone to warping (if cared for correctly).

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    anti-bacterial bamboo lid doubles as chopping board

    Use the naturally anti-bacterial bamboo lid as a chopping board to create your sandwiches or as a serving board to assemble the ingredients for a delectable meal later in the day.

    silicone strap & over-moulded silicone seal

    The box base has an over-moulded silicone rim that's designed for a soft connection between bamboo and steel, and it’s easier to clean. The silicone strap holds your lunch securely in the box.

    a word from the designer

    We carefully studied how people carry and make their sandwiches. Our research showed that it can often be preferable to prepare some ingredients (like tomatoes or avocadoes) just before eating, so they stay fresh and don’t degrade or impact the bread. Making the lid a chopping board was the spark of innovation that separated our design from others on the market and we were the first company to introduce a lunch box that had a bamboo lid. The board could also be used as a plate, making the design ideal for any dry foods and not exclusively for sandwiches. Bamboo and steel is a lovely combination of materials that give the design a timeless utilitarian aesthetic that will age well through use.