Food waste is responsible for 8 - 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions

Each time you invest in a Black+Blum product we donate at least 1% of your order value to charities that help fight food waste by rescuing good food that would otherwise go to landfills. This helps to feed those in need and also to reduce greenhouse gases that would otherwise be created by waste food products.

Our contribution through 1% for the planet

Our Contribution

With every purchase you make, as part of our commitment to the 1% for the Planet charity, we contribute 1% of the sale entirely towards fighting food waste.

Food being delivered

Where it goes

City Harvest works with food companies at all levels of the supply chain across the UK to collect food that would otherwise go to landfill.

City Harvest Warehouse


What next?

Food is redistributed to over 375 community partners: food banks, schools, hostels, soup kitchens and more.

Food being delivered by City Harvest

How it helps

Every meal delivered helps to reduce emissions from food waste at landfills and helps feed those who need it most.

Picnic in the park

your impact

By using Black+Blum products you can also help to reduce your own food waste by meal prepping and keeping leftovers fresh.

  • of surplus food rescued

  • delivered to those in need

  • of greenhouse gas emissions prevented