About Us

Founded over 20 years ago by Dan Black and Martin Blum, Black+Blum is a UK-based eco-design company, specialising in high-quality and durable food containers, drinkware and accessories. Innovative and sustainable design principles guide our brand, the entire range is thoughtfully developed and built to last.

Winning over 25 design awards globally, our products are sold in over 60 countries with warehouse centres in the UK, EU and USA.

"We create products that people love to use, and are proud to own"

- Dan Black

Buy once, buy well

Every product has been uniquely designed in our studio in London. Each detail carefully considered for repeated lifelong use, and every material sourced to the highest standard for durability.

From concept to final product, we conduct rigorous research and development to ensure everything we create has a place in the world, meets a real need, and will last a lifetime.

Design Philosophy