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A super robust vacuum insulated bottle made for all your adventures

Colour: Orange


An 850ml durable stainless steel bottle with vacuum insulation. Perfect for the wilds of the great outdoors or the hustle of inner cities. It will keep liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

  • 100% leak proof
  • High quality stainless steel bottle with plastic free contact lid 
  • Reinforced structural ribs on body give strength and improved grip
  • Wider than average diameter makes it more stable on rough surfaces
  • Smooth spout for comfort drinking
  • Ultra-strong and mould/mildew-resistant paracord carry loop


  • BAM-EIWB-L003 (Orange),BAM-EIWB-L005 (Ocean),BAM-EIWB-L010(Olive)
  • Made from stainless steel, silicone and nylon
  • Not microwave or dishwasher-safe
  • D8.6cm H23.7cm
  • 850 ml
  • Weight 390g


Is the Explorer Bottle Large dishwasher safe?

No, this bottle should not be cleaned in a dishwasher. While it won't damage the stainless steel construction, it might shorten the integrity of the vacuum insulation if water gets inside the double wall. Hand wash only, and do not fully submerge in water for the same reason.

Are there any things I should be aware of for this bottle?

It is not intended for use with baby foods or milk-based products. Be careful when opening if filled with hot liquids and keep out of reach of children. Be sure to avoid keeping perishable drinks (that can expire) stored inside for long periods. Make sure the silicone seal is placed correctly in the lid to keep it fully leak proof.

How do I clean the bottle?

Wash thoroughly with hot soapy water before using, but do not fully submerge in water. Wash regularly to keep clean and avoid odours. Store with the lid off and make sure you allow to dry thoroughly after washing.

How do I remove stains or smells?

Add one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and mix with hot water. Leave overnight with the lid off and then clean thoroughly. You can also try replacing bicarbonate with vinegar, but wash thoroughly afterwards with soapy water to remove any taste or smell.

Is it ok to use this bottle in a microwave?

This design is not microwave-safe and should never be used in a microwave.

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Vacuum Insulated

Double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep your drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

steel top

The rugged top has a stainless steel outer and plastic-free contact inner plate, with an accessible silicone seal for easy cleaning.

Strong with better grip

The vertical ribs on the outer walls are reinforced to make it stronger and allow for better grip.

Smooth & Clean Drinking

The spout with inside thread is a pleasure to drink from and is covered once the lid is secured to keep it free from dirt.

carry loop

The super strong paracord loop is mildew and mould resistant and makes it easy to carry or hang from your bag.

wide base

The wider than average diameter allows for a greater volume, and makes the bottle more stable on rough ground.

Concealed Volume

The Explorer Bottle holds more volume than you would think due to its wider shape. When compared with other bottles, it's much more space efficient.

a word from the designer

There are lots of vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles on the market, but we felt they mainly have an urban / fashion led feel. Many bottles look similar and mostly rely on colour or pattern for differentiation, with very little variation in actual form. We wanted to create the ultimate bottle designed specifically for the great outdoors. It needed to be tough, robust and built to function in the harshest of environments. The form had to be iconic, unique and make it stand apart both visually and functionally. We wanted to highlight and emphasise the quality and natural beauty of the stainless stee land give it a unique shape that made it stand apart. Brushed steel, minimal colour, the broad body with ribs and paracord carry loop, all combine to give it the look intended.