LOOP black

  • A simple yet beautiful candelabra. It can be used individually or be interlinked with more than one in a line. The black cast iron look gives it an ultra modern utilitarian feel. The thicker section wire is reassuringly heavy and stiff.
    • Holds standard 22-24mm candles
    • black enameled finish
    • Individually boxed
    • 7mm / 0.28" thick wire 
    • H 28cm W 20cm D 13cm / H 11" W 7.8" D 5"
  • How do I clean wax off it?
    Dip in hot water to melt the wax and polish off with a dry soft cloth. Do not scrub as it may remove the chroming. Alternatively, put the candelabra in the freezer for a few hours which will enable you to break the hardened wax clean off.

  • What if my candles don't fit?
    We usually advise to get a candle sharpener or slightly melt the bottom to make it stick to the inside.


Loop candelabra is inspired by the Fibonacci curve that is seen throughout nature and looks correct and balanced to the human eye. Loop is an ever changing radius made from steel. It is the ever changing radius that makes the design so appealing. The shape cannot be understood at a glance and looks unique from different angles.

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