Guide to the most design conscious health bloggers

There are a range of ways you can make prioritising your health a style statement. From carrying a reusable filter water bottle to preparing your salads on the chopping board that doubles as a lid for your lunch box, we’ve made your wellbeing a key consideration in our designs.

Stainless steel sandwich box by Black+Blum

We’re also partial to creative recipes that are delicious, cost effective and nutritious. We often draw inspiration from design-conscious health bloggers, who combine well being with impeccable style. Discover our guide to our favourite five.

Fit Bottomed Girls 

Blogging about everything from fitness motivation to healthy recipes and snacking tips, Fit Bottomed Girls is your definitive guide to a happy, healthy lifestyle. They’ve gone one step further, designing gym apparel, watches and bags with quirky messages to give your workout a kickstart.

Oh my quad becky look at her squat tank top fat bottom girls 

Yoga Dork

Combining a deep love for yoga with a sense of whimsical style, Yoga Dork is a one-stop-shop for all things zen. Here you’ll find updates on the latest yoga trends, advice on how to practice in a ‘busy’ world, and tips for living a yogi lifestyle. You may even end up so hooked that you find yourself ‘brushing your teeth in tree pose’.

Be In The Meow cushion 

We love their selection of mugs, yoga outfits, cushions and bags, which combine design, function and a healthy dose of wit. Discover their range here.


Deliciously Ella

Everything about British health blogger, Deliciously Ella, is well styled and fabulous. From her gorgeous deli-shops to her picture perfect Instagram account, Ella is taking the internet by storm with her tips, tricks and delicious recipes for a healthier lifestyle.

Deliciously Ella

Image by Deliciously Ella


Lemon Stripes

Health coach and fashion blogger, Julia, helps you live your healthiest, most stylish life. Blogging about everything from interior design and fashion to healthy lifestyle and clean eating, Julia is a real health and style icon.

Julia lemon stripes 

Image by Lemon Stripes


Snack Girl

We love a good snack. In fact, our Bento Boxes are designed to give you special snacking space to keep you energised on the go. Snack Girl not only provides recipes for snacking and other meals, she also creates recipes that are creative and design-focused. From building your own veggie Christmas tree to jarred Meringues you can give as gifts, we love the ingenuity that goes into this blog.


Santa hats strawberries

 Image by Snack Girl


Wellbeing is a key factor behind our Box Appetit range, which brings you charcoal filter water bottles, lunch boxes, food thermos flasks and more, all cleverly designed to bring you style and substance, while keeping you fuelled on the go.


Dan Black
Dan Black


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