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This month, Dan Black talks new year health kicks, the launch of our Eau Good Glass design in the USA, London tradeshows and a team lunch inspired by France.

Hi everyone,

I guess it’s still ok to say Happy New Year and hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. 

I certainly kicked back and over indulged. This makes coming back to work all the harder and this year it seems to have started at full throttle. Like most years, I’ve started with a few resolutions and typically these have lasted about two days. But, I do have a 12-mile obstacle course run in May so this gives me a good challenge to train for. I certainly don’t have too many excuses not to eat healthily or drink enough charcoal filtered water.

So what is happening at Black+Blum in January 2017? Well, we have our first trade fair starting next week (more on this later), the US launch of our Eau Good Glass, a new member of staff and we’re making good progress on some exciting new designs.

I was just talking about starting 2017 with a health drive, so now seems a fitting time to tell you about the amazing lunch made for everyone by Isabelle, our Finance Director. Every month, a different member of the team has to make lunch for the whole office, and this month it was Isabelle's turn…


Isabelle follows a strict diet which is so healthy and delicious. Inspired by food from her home city of Lyon, France, we were treated to lentil soup with roasted pork belly and fresh bread followed by a traditional festive Galette des Rois - or "King Cake" - filled with almonds, apples and custard. It was an amazing feast. 

This Friday we’ll be setting up our stand at Top Drawer at Olympia in London. The show opens on Sunday 15th and runs till Tuesday 17th. If you are in London, it’s a great show to visit for inspiration and is a good showcase for new design launches. Please do come and say hi and we’ll gladly talk you through our designs.

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Our Eau Good Glass has just launched in the US and is getting a great reaction. We’ve already heard from some top publications who will be featuring it next month, so watch this space and I’ll update you on these in my next post. This design follows on from the success of our original Eau Good and if you are after a glass alternative to our classic Binchotan filter water bottle, look no further.

It’s made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and is a pleasure to drink from. It also comes with a high-quality neoprene sleeve which helps keep your water cool and protect your bottle when out and about. We only have limited stock, so you’ll need to check it out quickly if this is the design that is going to encourage you to drink more water in 2017!

eau good glass, new design, charcoal filter, eau good

We’ll continue to update you on the new designs that we’re working on, but until then…here’s to 2017,

dan black,

Dan Black
Dan Black


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