Black+Blum guide to the most design conscious eco bloggers

We believe that style and function should come with a conscience. Sustainability is a large driving force of the Black+Blum brand and is something we never compromise on. Instead, we use the highest quality, ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials to complement our functional designs. We believe you can have it all.

We’re delighted to see we’re not alone. These eco-conscious bloggers combine sustainable living with some serious style. Discover our guide to our favourite design-focused eco bloggers.


Tree Hugger

Blogging about everything from sustainable housing to Refill stations for your water bottles, Tree Hugger is your definitive guide to eco-friendly designs and gadgets. They are dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream, and we love them for it!

Our favourite blog from Tree Hugger has got to be this investigation into solar canopies that supply shade and electricity, as well as catch and filter rainwater. Talk about style, function and sustainable outcome!


solar canopies that supply shade and electricity, as well as catch and filter rainwater. 

Image by Tree Hugger


Gypsy Soul

Run by Gina Caro, Gypsy Soul explores a range of topics relating to zero waste, green living and natural beauty. Gina is a big advocate for a simple, thrifty and sustainable lifestyle and she has written about everything from non-toxic, green pans for the kitchen to bamboo toothbrushes and ingenious ways to prevent waste.

Her top tip for living a sustainable lifestyle is:

‘Only buy what you really need and try not to buy anything on impulse. If you do need to buy something, first see if you can source it second hand. If not, then buy from a reputable ethical & sustainable retailer.’


UpCycled Design Lab

Bringing a healthy dose of creativity to the mix, UpCycled Design Lab brings you ‘craft experiments with household cast-offs, found objects and trash’. Run by Cindy, a self-professed horder, this blog is perfect for anyone wanting to refresh their cast-offs while having a little fun in the process.


upcycled lights 


Sustainable Chic

Run by sustainable beauty blogger, Natalie, Sustainable Chic covers a range of topics from washable paper goods to products that will help you to go zero waste. We love the passion of this blog, seamlessly teamed with style and a great eye for design.


Eco Warrior Princess

Stylish and design-conscious, this is a blog who walks the walk. Run by Jennifer Nini, a bee-keeper, organic farmer and eco-consultant, Eco Warrior Princess provides you with style that never compromises. Here you’ll find blogs about how to live sustainably in the city, building a green home, portable washing machines and more.


Sustainable living 

Image by Eco Warrior Princess


All of our products are made using sustainable materials. Our Box Appetit range in particular combines health, sustainability and functional design, while encouraging minimal waste. We’re delighted to be supporting the Refill initiative set up by City to Sea as a way to normalise the use of reusable water bottles. Discover our Eau Good water filter bottle, which comes with a Binchotan water filter for tastier, healthier water.

Dan Black
Dan Black


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